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Book 2: Far Eastern Fells

8.  Arthur's Pike

Bonscale Pike

Loadpot Hill

Wether Hill

Steel Knotts

Hallin Fell


9.  High Street

Kidsty Pike

Rampsgill Head

High Raise


10.  The Knott

Rest Dodd

The Nab

Brock Crags


11.  Beda Fell

Angletarn Pikes

Place Fell


12.  Gray Crag

Thornthwaite Crag

Caudale Moor

Hartsop Dodd


13.  Shipman Knotts

Kentmere Pike

Harter Fell

Mardale Ill Bell


Ill Bell



14.  Sallows

Sour Howes


15.  Tarn Crag

Grey Crag


Selside Pike


16.  Troutbeck Tongue


Walks 13 and 14 could be combined for a longer Kentmere Horseshoe

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