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Guide to the Wainwrights 


One of our plans post retirement was to complete the Wainwrights annually and we were devising a series of some 50 walks which would enable us to do this.  We wanted to come up with what we considered to be the most satisfying way of visiting every Wainwright, with time to savour the magnificence of the fells and include the best routes.  We’d sketched a draft and were beginning to refine these, testing what worked best.  There is still a great deal of refinement to be undertaken and I am planning to do this over the next few months.  No doubt there will be continual fine tuning, a never ending journey which is bringing great enjoyment and solace in equal measures.  It also gives a wonderful structure to look back on earlier walks and reflect on Lynn’s other passions.  So in writing up the walks, I envisage there will be a great deal of reflection and reminiscences.


The Guide lists 59 walks, arranged by Wainwright book.  Some of the walks can be combined so it would be possible to complete the Wainwrights in 52 walks, one a week.  The walks range from full day classic skyline walks to the very simple walk on Binsey, our local Fell and the one we climbed last when completing our first round of Wainwrights in 2003 on our 20th wedding anniversary.


I have tried to ensure that the very best locations for walks are included: Haweswater for High Street, the Ladyside Pike approach to Hobcarton Crag and Hopegill Head, Scafell from Eskdale with the incomparable grandeur of Upper Eskdale, Bow Fell via the Cimbers’ Traverse, the old miners’ track from Newlands to Dale Head, a shorter day ascending Robinson and descending Hindscarth from Newlands, and ensuring there is time to visit The Watches en route to Ullock Pike, to name just a few.


Each Book starts with a list of the walks and the intention is to write up each walk with photos over the forthcoming months and in time the Guide I hope will stand as my tribute to Lynn.

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