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Grisedale Pike

Lynn's last walk on the high fells

Tuesday 28/3/17 Grisedale Pike and Whinlatter Woods

Last day of the settled spring weather so parking at Revlin Moss for 9:15.  Set off on the forest tracks via marker posts 44, 45, 46 and 47 to exit the forest at marker post 56.  Some pleasing clearing work in Hospital Plantation and lovely dappled light in the woods.  Climbed steeply by the fence to ascend the Sleet How ridge before joining up with the main path from Braithwaite.  Steady ascent of Grisedale Pike making the summit before 11:00.  Enjoyed the near views as well as hot cross bun and tea.  Decided against any extension to Hopegill Head so followed the broad ridge to Hobcarton End.  A bit messy towards the valley bottom in light of the major forestry clearance above Sanderson Gill.  Would be good if the Forestry Commission were to reinstate the direct footpath through the woods.  Back to the car for 12:15, a great 3 hour circuit of Grisedale Pike.  After lunch at Siskin's Cafe enjoyed a delightful 40 minutes clockwise circuit of the blue trail.

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