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Chance meeting with Clare Spedding

Saturday 8/8/15 Dodd Fell

A lovely morning and parking at Mirehouse for 9:00. With packed lunch giving us added flexibility, set off for St Bega's for the Watches if possible. Met Clare Spedding just by the field gate to St Bega's and had a thought provoking chat about nature, human kindness and love. She made a memorable impression on us. Paid our debts for the cards from last time and had a look round the churchyard before picking up the yellow trail. Decided not to overdo the walk and settled instead on Claire's coffee and wonderful Guinness chocolate cake. After coffee took the blue and red trail to pick up the quiet forest path to join the main forest track for Long Doors and the green trail. Enjoyed our picnic lunch just below Dodd summit with spectacular views of the high fells. Took the green trail down before the forest tracks to the upper and lower observation platforms (no squirrels) and back to the car. A leisurely walk and great to spend so long on Dodd summit but Lynn's leg continues to give a lot of pain.

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