Early morning on Skiddaw

Tuesday 23/6/15 Skiddaw

A disturbed night and decided at 4:30 to get up and have breakfast and see if we could climb Skiddaw as planned. Walking from Gale Road at 6:30 on a magical morning with perfect visibility. Steadily climbed the pony track to Jenkin Hill and then the easy skirting of Lesser and Little Man with the intimate views back of Skiddaw. Made the south cairn well before 8:30 and enjoyed the magnificence of the Skiddaw plateau and its extensive views for an hour with the place to ourselves. Followed the ridge over Little Man and Lesser Man before seeing any other walkers at the gate on Jenkin Hill. Continued over the high ground to Lonscale Fell and the East Peak for an early lunch. Retraced our steps to Flag Pots to pick up the trod back to the Skiddaw pony track - a delightful short cut and new to us. Visited Latrigg before shopping in Keswick (chocolate and the cheese shop) and tea at the Wild Strawberry. A superb day making the very best of the enforced early start and enjoying the magnificent panorama and unmatched quietude of the high fells.

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